Lviv Open Challenge - for everyone who lives in the future!

"Lviv is a city that is most conducive to the implementation of the most creative projects, the most daring solutions and the most ambitious ideas. We at one time bet on startups and intellect, and therefore we are ready to be the driver who will move the country forward.
There is an extraordinary concentration of wise, successful and young people with eager eyes in Lviv. And I am convinced that among them there are those who want and are able to create qualitative changes around and develop their city. Moreover, I am convinced that Lviv will become a source of inspiration for innovators from all over Ukraine and from abroad! We are open to innovations! I invite everyone to join the Lviv Open Challenge project ".  The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadoviy

Lviv Open Challenge

The Lviv Open Challenge project aims at finding, engaging and selecting the best innovative and technological solutions and ideas that can bring the city to the best and bring it to the standards and challenges of today. Directions for finding such solutions are suggested by the city and they concern intelligent transport systems, urban architecture, urbanism and smart building, e-democracy, creative industry and education, energy and other areas that are designed to improve the comfort level and improve the lives of residents and visitors.

The tool to achieve this goal will be an online open innovation platform RE:ACTOR. It is an infrastructure for finding, attracting and selecting technology solutions worldwide.



Emanuele VOLPE, DTEK Chief Innovation Officer: «Innovation changes the world. For Ukraine, this can be a tool to achieve economic breakthrough and secure energy independence. We are part of these transformations. Our company has focused on three main areas: innovation in technology, innovation in customer services and innovation in education as people are the driving force of change. Our project is looking for innovative technological solutions in these areas providing comfort and convenience for everyone».


Sergiy MARTINCHUK, Head of Office Cisco Ukraine: «Cisco's mission is to build bridges between today's customer organizations and tomorrow's businesses, who get maximum benefit from the data around us and due to this they are ahead of their colleagues in the market in competition. The most complex task is facing cities that seek to be both financially efficient and convenient for residents. Cisco has a number of approaches, technologies and solutions that help to achieve these goals.

"Smart city" is almost impossible to do on it’s own. We need a lot of expertise, versatile technical solutions and, of course, their integration on a single platform. We decided to become partners of the Lviv Open Challenge project, because it contains all of these components, and we believe that as a result, innovative solutions will be created that will be used for the benefit of the city».

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Kostiantyn VOROBYOV, Deputy General Director, Western Region of Vodafone Ukraine«Vodafone is a global leader in IoT and is actively developing the Internet of Things. We are interested in developing innovative technology solutions that can be implemented on the Vodafone IoT platform. With this purpose, we start cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign software developers in IoT, AI, Big Data and Cloud industries.

We expect from the developers new "smart" and efficient solutions, which Vodafone is ready to develop and implement in Ukraine, in particular, in Lviv».

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How to apply?

  • Challenge

    Choose one or more challenges you have a solution for and want to participate in

  • Pitch

    Prepare a brief description of your solution in video pitch format (3-4 minutes) and add a presentation if necessary

  • Apply

    Place your solutions on the RE:ACTOR platform for the consideration by the members of the Innovation Board

What do you get?

  • Validation

    The real opportunity to quickly present your solution to the decision makers and get feedback from them

  • Implementation

    Adapt or create a new product, and bring it to the Ukrainian market

  • Contract

    Sign a contract with the city and project partners for the implementation of your solution (product or service)

Innovation Board

  • Andriy Sadovyi


    City Mayor

  • Andriy Moskalenko


    Deputy Mayor for Development

  • Hennadiy Vaskiv


    Deputy Mayor on financial and economic issues; acting Deputy Mayor for Urban Development

  • Zoryana Dovhanyk


    Head of Education Department

  • Yuriy Dil


    Head of City Safety Department

  • Marta Romanyak


    Head of IT department

  • Julian Chaplinskyy


    Head of Architecture and Urban Studies

  • Iryna Marunyak


    Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure

  • Andriy Bilyy


    Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure

  • Helena Payonkevych


    Director of Legal Department

  • Lina Ostapchuk


    Head of Tourism Department

  • Natalya Bunda


    Director of Development Department; acting Head of the Department of Culture Management

  • Roman Staretskyy


    Acting Head of Investment and Project Management

  • Serhiy Salo


    Acting Director of the Department of Waste Management

  • Oleh Zabarylo


    Deputy Head of the Department of Economics, Head of the Department of Local Taxes, Tariffs and Prices 

  • Emanuele Volpe


    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Serhiy Martynchuk


    Head of Office Cisco Ukraine

  • Kostiantyn Vorobyov

    Vodafone Ukraine

    Deputy General Director


  • Smart House: Electricity supply


    Deadline: May 9, 2019

    Products and solutions aimed at improving customer comfort and quality of service delivery in the area of electricity supply.

  • Efficient use of electricity


    Deadline: May 9, 2019

    Progressive solutions in the area of energy distribution and smart use of alternative sources.

  • Smart decision-making based on Cisco Kinetic for Cities 


    Deadline: May 9, 2019

    Products based on Kinetic for Cities (CKC), which will help Lviv make smart decisions.

  • New services based on WI-FI


    Deadline: May 9, 2019 

    Ideas and solutions for efficient use of wi-fi to improve the infrastructure of Lviv.

  • Smart services and dispatching


    Deadline: May 9, 2019

    Smart City services in the areas of communication and information, infrastructure, security and control, anti-corruption, transport system, energy resources, etc.

  • Cybersport and the city


    Deadline: May 9, 2019

    Solutions that enable to attract and develop a cyber-sport audience.

About Lviv

Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine and the state gateway to the EU. Founded in 1256, Lviv embraced the architecture of the classic medieval European city. The central part of Lviv (120 hectares) is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The architecture of the city is distinguished by the interweaving of styles of different epochs and nations, since only in the last century Lviv was a part of six different states. It united Ukrainian, Austrian, German, Polish, Jewish and Armenian cultures. This gives Lviv a special charm and creates an atmosphere of multiculturalism, equality and tolerance.

The narrow streets covered with pavement, historic buildings and age traditions inspire and motivate to create. Therefore, Lviv is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine, becoming the center of artistic, literary, theatrical and musical art. Participation in the cultural life of Lviv can be found at one of the numerous festivals, including the festival of jazz music "Leopolis Jazz Fest", the festival of classical music "Lviv MozArt", the Holiday of Chocolate, the Book Forum, the theatrical festival "Golden Lion", "Night in Lviv" and other. It is worth visiting at least one of Lviv's museums to feel even more deeply the culture and spirit of the city.

Creativity and multiculturalism of Lviv can be felt through local dishes. The phenomenon of Galician cuisine arose in the 1930s. Its main feature - in combination of traditions of different peoples, cities, villages and social classes that lived in Galicia. Ukrainian dishes were often enriched with flavors of Polish and German smoked meat, Jewish fantasies on the theme of Austrian baking, Armenian, Italian and Hungarian spices. However, Lviv is special not only with the taste of dishes, but also the way of serving. Each Lviv cafe or restaurant is a separate artistic project where you can get acquainted with a piece of city history, listen to live music or even take part in the show.

Lviv is a tourist city. In 2018, only about 2.2 million tourists visited the city of Lviv (of them business tourists - 83,191 thousand). During 2018, the city hosted 430 conferences, including 86 international, 130 local and 214 national.

Lviv is just 100 kilometers from the Carpathian Mountains. Mountains attract lovers of activities. Walking, skiing and boarding, rafting, paragliding - this is just a small list of activities offered by the Carpathian region.

Lviv is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from the border with Europe. From the airport named after Danylo Halytsky, which is located 7 km from the city center and which capacity is approximately 2000 passengers per hour, it is possible to reach 44 cities of the world. The City of Lion connects WizzAir, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Ryanair, etc. to other cities. The main artery of land passenger transportation is the Lviv railway, established in 1861; it connects the city of Lion with almost all the cities of Ukraine, and also connects the Polish city of Przemysl and Hungary's capital Budapest.

The city invests heavily in infrastructure development and boasts successful cooperation with international partners - the EIB, the EBRD, the E5P funds, the German Ministry of the Environment and Nuclear Safety. The EU Association Agreement and free trade with Canada opens new opportunities for Lviv.

As of October 1, 2018, the volume of direct foreign investments (equity capital) invested in Lviv amounted to $433.6 million, of which $82.7 million was invested in the economy. The EBRD is the main investor: it has funded the creation of a new tramway run by 7 new and 35 used trams and the purchase of 50 new trolleybuses. In turn, the EIB finances the purchase of 10 new trams and 100 new buses. In total, the city has made many diverse projects totaling $ 73.5 million. The others, in excess of $ 226 million, are in a state of implementation. These include, in particular, investment projects with the EBRD relating to energy saving, road infrastructure and transport, water and heat supply, and waste management. There are many foreign companies and foreign-born businesses investing in local projects in the city.

Lviv is open to everyone who visits the city. Welcome to Lviv!

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